This past Sunday I was browsing the Internet in search of a brownie recipe. I wanted to re-create the fabulous brownies I had seen from my visit to La Deliziosa Pastry Shop. But I was soon distracted with non-brownie recipes. I stumbled upon the Shutterbean blog. This blog has a lot of tasty recipes that I have saved for the future as my culinary skills develop…I’m a beginner cook. Today I’m going to share the egg in pepper recipe I found.

Now if you’re not a master chef don’t worry. This recipe is really easy and hard to mess up. It’ll make you feel like a professional chef because it looks cool. I did make a few adjustments to it. The first thing you’ll need are the ingredients,which are:

1)1 bell pepper
2)1 or 2 eggs *It depends on how hungry you are
3)Cheese of your choice
6)Garlic Powder
7)Cooking Spray or Non-Stick Skillet

When you have all your ingredients gathered the next part is to get cooking.

1)Start heating your skillet on medium heat
2)Take your bell pepper and cut it into rings about 1/2 an inch thick
3)Let the bell pepper cook for about a minute
4)Crack the egg into the middle of the pepper ring after the minute
5)Add a dash of salt, black pepper,& garlic powder to the egg
6)Add a sprinkle of you cheese
7)Let the egg cook for about 3 minutes or until the egg white is mostly set
8)Flip the egg in pepper over and let it cook for about 1-2 minutes

This recipe is very simple to follow and very tasty. I made a side fruit salad to go with my egg in pepper. Plus had orange juice in a wine glass because this recipe made me feel fancy.

The next time you’re short on cash and want a tasty breakfast try this recipe. It’s fast, easy, tasty,and inexpensive.

-The Hungry Red Fox

Check out Shutterbean’s website for more tasty recipes at:
Find the recipe used at:

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