Exploring New Paltz

The weather is getting nicer, which means it’s time to explore.  This need  to explore led me to New Paltz, NY. This town was founded by the French Huguenots in 1678. The original German name for the town was Die Pflaz. This translates into “The Palatinate State”. This was the last place in Germany that the Huguenots called home, before arriving here. Hudson Valley Magazine describes this quaint town as youthful with artsy energy. This is in large part to it being home to SUNY New Paltz.

On this adventure I visited the Water Street Market and Main Street. The first is located at the end of main street. The Water Street Market is a small nook of specialty shops. The website for it describes it as “a hip and vibrant European inspired community”, which you’ll definitely agree with once visiting it. Each shop is small and charming. You can visit stores such as The Cheese Plate, Candy Candy, Maglyn’s Dream, and more. If you don’t feel like shopping you can sit down and play chess at one of their three chess tables, read a book from their free lending library, or borrow a bike for free.

You can also explore Main Street. This street is filled with specialty shops and restaurants, just like the Water Street Market. You can find a variety of different ethnic foods such as Turkish, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Mexican and more. So, if you’re bored of the cafeteria food at school keep this in mind. Get excellent greek food at Yannis, awesome tacos at Mexicali Blue, and yummy Thai at Lemon Grass. No matter where you decide to eat here, you can’t go wrong. I really enjoyed this small town and will back to bring you more. I’m currently narrowing  down the places to visit. There are too many wonderful places to pick from.

The next time you feel like exploring take the short drive to New Paltz. Satisfy the curiosity of your inner red fox. Who knows you may even make friends with some SUNY New Paltz Hawks.

-The Hungry Red Fox

Check out the Water Street Market website or their Facebook

Location: Main Street New Paltz,NY 12561 & Water Street Market 10 Main Street-New Paltz,NY 12561

Travel Time: 20 minute car drive *Not in walking distance

Price Range: Depends on what you do. But, overall college budget friendly.

P.S. The Water Street Market has free parking and there’s free parking throughout Main Street

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3 responses to “Exploring New Paltz

  1. I like the slide show. Did you get a chance to visit Historic Huguenot Street? I’m thinking of making the trip up there from NYC once the weather gets better.

    • Sadly I didn’t that day because it started to rain. But it’s on my list. I’m glad you enjoyed the slide show 🙂 I highly recommend that you check out the Gilded Otter. It’s a restaurant and brewery.

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