Vanderbilt Mansion

This week’s adventure led me to the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park,NY. This house is a national historic site. It’s a beautiful ,two century old, estate that overlooks the Hudson River and has views of the Catskill Mountains. It’s been home to elite New Yorkers. Today it’s open to the public thanks to President Franklin D.Roosevelt.

You can take a guided walking tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion. I wasn’t able to take it because it started to snow heavily during my exploration of the grounds. Exploring the property grounds are free. I highly recommend that you take the guided tour. You’ll be able to see the lush and luxurious interior of the mansion. I’ve been told it feels like you’ve walked into a scene from The Great Gatsby.

The next time you feel like taking a walk back in history make sure to check this place out. If you decide to visit this place there’s another historic site a few minutes away, The Home of President Franklin D.Roosevelt. Happy adventures.

-The Hungry Red Fox

Check out the Vanderbilt Mansion website for more info

Location: 81 Vanderbilt Park Road-Hyde Park, NY 12538

Travel Time: 14 minute car ride

Hours: Grounds are open Monday-Sunday from Sunrise-Sunset & Vanderbilt Mansion by guided tour only 9am-5pm

Price:$8 for a guided tour and the grounds are free

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