New York City

This week I went to New York City. It’s a trip that I highly recommend that all Marist students take. I also recommend it to all the Vassar College students, the SUNY New Paltz students, and the Culinary Institute of America students. It’s a little less than a 2 hour train ride away, during off peak hours. There’s so much to do and see.

One helpful app for all the smartphone users out there is Embark NYC, it’s free. This app is helpful for navigating the NYC subway system. It’s a really good app to have because even as a native New Yorker I still get lost every now and then. Anyhow when going to the city it’s definitely a day trip. So, wear comfortable shoes and dress accordingly…the city tends to be a little bit chillier than Poughkeepsie.

If it’s your first time to the city I highly recommend that you walk up 5th Avenue heading towards Central Park. You’ll get to see all the high end designer stores such as Cartier, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari, Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel, and so many more. It makes for a fun window shopping experience. Stop in at Saks Fifth Avenue and browse all the luxurious goodies they have. Don’t feel like shopping?

Then stop into St.Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s on 5th Ave., and admire the beautiful architecture.  You don’t have to be Catholic or religious to walk into this beautiful building. You can also check out Trump Tower on 5th Ave. . First of all the inside of Trump Tower is a beauty. It literally screams money in its decadent gold coloring. Once inside you can eat the restaurant, eat ice cream in the parlor, or walk right into Niketown.  A short walk up from Trump Tower is Central Park.

You can spend a good chunk of time in Central Park ,it’s huge. My favorite destination the Central Park Zoo. If you’re not feeling Central Park head to Times Square. You visit M&M’s World, Madame Tussauds, Toys”R”US, and a lot of other really cool spots.  When it comes to eating in NYC there’s a LONG list of amazing places to eat.

I headed down town to Soho for lunch. I went to Macbar. I highly recommend that you eat here. This place specializes in mac and cheese. If you don’t feel like heading downtown I recommend Carnegie Deli. The sandwiches here are amazing. Get a potato knish when you eat here, you won’t regret it.

This post could go on and on about all the really amazing places to visit in NYC.  But I recommend that you go instead of reading about it. It really is an amazing city, maybe I’m a bit biased since I’m a New Yorker :). The next time you want to have a weekend adventure head to NYC.

-The Hungry Red Fox

P.S. Here are some helpful sites for planning your trip down to NYC

Metro North Railroad Schedule

Hopstop NYC

NYC the Official Guide

Travel Time: 1hr 40 mins (off peak hours) and 1hr 20 mins (Peak) * It really depends on which train you take

Price: Train Ticket (from Poughkeepsie) $34 (Off Peak Round Trip) & $45.50 (Peak Round Trip) * I recommend that you bring minimum $100 for a trip (this includes Train Ticket, Lunch, Dinner, & miscellaneous things)

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