Exploring Rhinebeck

Does the name Rhinebeck,NY sound familiar? If it does it’s for one of two reasons. The first is this where the very small wedding of Chelsea Clinton took place…lol. The second is because it’s only 24 minutes north of Marist!  Anyhow my curiosity was peaked by the first reason. So, I took the short drive up.

Let me tell you once you get there you can understand why this town attracted the Clinton’s. It’s a very quaint, sophisticated, calm, and picturesque town.  One thing that caught me off guard when exploring the town is that dogs walked into stores with their owners. I’m not quite sure if it’s all stores in Rhinebeck that allow this. But kudos to the ones that do. I’m a dog lover. Anyhow my exploration consisted of Montgomery Street (their main street). This street had a lot of cute shops to explore.

One shop that I highly recommend that you visit is Merriweather’s. It’s a small boutique type shop that specializes in making natural soaps, lotions, and other skincare products. What makes their products charming is that they’re personalized. The shop owner Sherri has named products after her family members. Personally I thought this made the store even more charming. I forgot to mention the store smells awesome! Sherri, the shop owner, is very knowledgeable in all the products because she makes them all.  Aside from the skincare and beauty products the store also sells jewelery, makeup, handbags, Anne Taintor merchandise, and lots of other really cool stuff.  It’s a great shop if you’re in a need for gifts or just a treat for yourself.

There are lots of cute shops like Merriweather’s in Rhinbeck. It’s also filled with awesome eats. Two places that I highly recommend are Bread Alone (college affordable) and Terrapin (when mom & dad come to visit. it’s pricey. rumor has it they also catered the rehearsal party for Chelsea’s wedding.). It’s also rich in history . The next time you’re looking to explore outside of the Marist bubble make sure to check out Rhinebeck.

Happy Adventures!

-The Hungry Red Fox

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Location: Montgomery Street Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Travel Time: 24 minute car drive *Not in walking distance

Price Range: Depends on what you do. But, overall college budget friendly.

Parking: Free municipal (61 East Market St.) & street parking

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